Professional Hand Trauma Surgery Essex

What Is Hand Trauma Surgery Essex?

Hand trauma includes any major injury to the hand, such as skin wounds, tendon injuries, nerve injuries, ligament injuries and bone fractures. Many injuries such as these require hand trauma surgery Essex to reconstruct, in order to restore the functionality of the hand. Mr Sierakowski is the Lead Plastic Surgery Essex Trauma Surgeon at the St Andrew’s Centre for Plastic Surgery at Broomfield Hospital. He has years of training in specialised techniques used to treat hand trauma, including tendon repair Essex, fracture fixation, microsurgical reconstruction and nerve repair Essex. He also works alongside specialist hand physiotherapists, in order to help you achieve the best possible recovery after hand trauma surgery Essex.

What To Do If You Require Hand Trauma Surgery Essex?

If you have suffered a traumatic hand injury, it is important that you seek medical help as soon as possible. Get in touch with Mr Sierakowski, who specialises in reconstructive hand surgery in Essex, and arrange a consultation. During the consultation, Mr Sierakowski will perform a thorough examination and arrange for any investigations, such as an X-ray, which may be required. Once he has diagnosed the problem, he will explain what treatment is required and the expected outcome. He will outline the recovery period any explain any risks that come with having the procedure, or of not having any treatment. He will answer any questions you have about hand trauma surgery Essex, so you can make an informed decision before deciding to go ahead.

At Essex Plastic Surgery, you will be supported right from your initial consultation to the end of your recovery period. With his expertise and qualifications, Mr Sierakowski will strive to deliver excellent results that will restore your hand function again.

Tendon Repair Essex

There are a number of injuries that result in requiring tendon repair Essex surgery, including flexor tendon injury and extensor tendon injury. Some tendon injuries may only require splinting and physiotherapy, such as mallet finger injury or central slip injury. Typically, a flexor tendon injury results from a wound across the fingers or palm, and the person won’t be able to bend the finger. There will also be pain when trying to bend the fingers, and sometimes numbness of the finger from a simultaneous nerve injury.

If you suffer from a tendon injury, you can undergo surgery to help the tendons to heal. The tendon repair Essex surgery is either performed under regional anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. A tourniquet is applied to the upper arm to prevent blood flowing into the hand, which enables the surgeon, Mr Sierakowski, to view the damaged structures easier. The wound is thoroughly cleaned before performing the tendon repair. Having identified the cut ends of the tendon, a special stitching technique is used to join them back together. After repairing the tendon, the skin wound is stitched and the the forearm and hand are put into a plaster splint. This helps to protect the tendon repair whilst it heals. Tendon repair Essex surgery usually takes less than an hour, providing that nothing else has been damaged in the area.

Nerve Repair Essex

Another type of traumatic injury that Mr Sierakowski treats is nerve injury Essex. If you suffer a nerve injury, you will notice numbness or tingling and sometimes muscle weakness. Nerve repair Essex surgery is necessary to join the nerve back together and restore sensation and power. To assess the damage to a nerve, an electric current can be used to stimulate the nerve, and measure how quickly it conducts the impulse. Sometimes fine needles are inserted into the muscle that has been impacted during nerve repair Essex surgery, and recordings are made of how the muscle reacts. These results will help to determine the type of treatment needed moving forward and provide more information about the outcome after the nerve repair Essex.

Soft Tissue Reconstruction Essex

Soft tissue reconstruction Essex works to restore the skin cover of the hand, as well as the function. Skin substitutes, skin grafts or flaps of skin can be used for soft tissue reconstruction Essex, depending on the defect. If you need to undergo soft tissue reconstruction Essex and would like more information, contact Mr Sierakowski, today.

Hand Fracture Fixation Essex

Broken bones in the hand are common and can have many causes, for example, sporting injuries, punch injuries and crush injuries. Mr Sierakowski is trained in all of the major techniques of hand fracture fixation, including plates, screws, wires and external fixation. He works with experienced hand physiotherapists to help you get the best possible result after hand fracture fixation surgery. The surgery is usually performed as a day case, under either regional or general anaesthetic, and you may require a splint to protect the fracture fixation. It is recommended that you do not play contact sports or do heavy manual work for at least 2 months after your surgery.

Hand Trauma Surgery Essex

As with all surgery, from abdominoplasty surgery Essex to Hand trauma surgery Essex, it will be performed by Mr Sierakowski at Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford and Springfield Hospital Chelmsford.