Dermal Fillers Essex

What Are Dermal Fillers Essex?

Dermal fillers are made of a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid and Mr Sierakowski uses only the industry leading Juvéderm range of dermal fillers Essex. Dermal fillers can be injected into specific parts of the face to replace lost volume and fill wrinkles, as well as adding volume to your cheeks and enhancing your lips. The longevity of dermal fillers Essex depends on the type of filler used and where it’s injected into your body. It’s important to note that typically, dermal fillers last around 6-18 months and dermal fillers don’t stop the rest of your face aging.

It’s imperative that you thoroughly understand the risks and benefits of dermal fillers before you undergo the treatment and use a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon when considering cosmetic surgery Essex. Mr Sierakowski is a full member of BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), so you are in the best professional hands at Essex Plastic Surgery.

The Juvéderm range of dermal fillers Essex contain local anaesthetic, to help make the treatment as pain-free as possible. In addition to this, a local anaesthetic cream can be applied to numb your skin before the injection. A dermal fillers Essex treatment takes about 20 minutes, but this does depend on the area treated.

In your initial consultation, Mr Sierakowski will discuss your goals and help devise a personalised treatment plan, tailor made for you. He will explain the potential risks and complications of dermal fillers with you, so that you can make an informed decision. Whilst dermal fillers are generally very safe, there are some serious complications that you need to be aware of. These include infection, a lumpy appearance under the skin, blocked blood vessels, scarring and the filler moving away from the specific area. Although these are unlikely to occur, it’s important that you are aware of these before your treatment.

What Are Dermal Fillers Lips Essex?

If you are thinking about dermal fillers lips Essex, contact Mr Sierakowski and an initial consultation will be booked in for you to discuss any questions you may have. During this appointment, Mr Sierakowski will outline dermal fillers lips Essex procedure, so you know exactly what to expect and any risks involved.

If you are looking for a way to add volume to your lips, then dermal filler lips Essex are ideal. Dermal filler lips Essex work by the fillers being injected into the outline of the lip, otherwise known as the vermilion border, as well as the body of the lips and work by reshaping and adding definition to the lips. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar in your body, which is why it increases the volume of your lips when more of the solution is injected. The initial side effects of dermal fillers lips Essex will include slight swelling, redness, tenderness and bruising, but these should only last a few days.

What’s Involved In Dermal Fillers Cheeks Essex?

Dermal fillers cheeks Essex work in a similar way to dermal fillers lips; they add volume and definition to the cheek areas and provide a lift to the lower face. The treatment takes about 20 minutes. Dermal fillers cheeks Essex doesn’t require a long recovery time, so you can return to work immediately. You can see the results from dermal fillers cheeks Essex straight away and they will last between 6- 12 months.

What Is Temple Dermal Filler Essex Treatment?

Temple hollowing is a natural part of the ageing process. However, temple dermal filler Essex treatment can help to restore a youthful, convex, temple, rejuvenating your appearance. A temple dermal filler Essex also uses hyaluronic acid, like cheek dermal fillers and lip dermal fillers, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. Mr Sierakowski will outline exactly where on your face he is going to inject the temple dermal filler Essex, which he will have discussed with you during your consultation. The procedure usually takes around 20 minutes and isn’t painful but may be a little uncomfortable.

What Is Tear Trough Dermal Filler Essex Treatment?

The area between the upper cheek and lower eyelids is the tear trough area, and one of the earliest locations on your face to change when you begin to age. The tear trough becomes hollower, deeper and darker, which can lead to your eyes looking sunken and creating dark shadows. This tired and exhausted look can be reversed through tear trough dermal filler Essex treatment. The hyaluronic acid is injected into the area under the eyes, which works to replace the lost volume and eliminate dark shadows. This can have a dramatic effect in making your whole face look fresher and younger. During the tear trough dermal filler Essex treatment, you may feel some discomfort, but little pain, as the filler contains local anaesthetic and a numbing cream is also applied.

Like other dermal fillers, if you undergo tear trough dermal filler Essex treatment, you will usually have a speedy recovery and the results will be visible straight away. You may experience some swelling or bruising for the first couple of days, but this should pass quickly.

Dermal Fillers Essex

Mr Sierakowski performs dermal fillers Essex treatment throughout locations in Essex. These include Wellesley Hospital in Southend and Phoenix Hospital and Springfield Hospital in Chelmsford. As well as dermal fillers, we offer other non-surgical procedures including botox Essex and plastic surgery including breast enlargement Essex and body contouring surgery Essex.