Ganglion Removal Essex

What Is Ganglion Removal Essex Surgery?

A ganglion is a sac of jellylike fluid, often arising from a joint or tendon sheath. They commonly occur around the wrist or in the fingers. Ganglions can range from the size of a pea to the size of a golf ball. Ganglions look like a smooth lump under the skin and can be quite firm. The thick, jelly-like fluid they contain is called synovial fluid and it surrounds tendons and joints to lubricate them during movement.

Although ganglions are harmless, they are unsightly and can be painful and impact on your function. This is when patients opt for ganglion removal Essex surgery.

There are two main types of ganglion removal Essex procedures: draining the fluid out of the ganglion with a syringe and needle (otherwise known as aspiration) and cutting the ganglion out using surgery.

If you have a ganglion that you would like removed, get in touch with Mr Sierakowski, who will arrange an initial appointment with you to go through the procedures. Together, you will decide which ganglion removal Essex procedure is right for you. During your consultation, Mr Sierakowski will outline any risks and benefits from the ganglion removal Essex surgery.

What To Expect From Ganglion Aspiration Essex

Ganglion removal by aspiration involves using a syringe and needle to suck the fluid out of the ganglion. Sometimes the area is injected with steroid medication immediately after the aspiration, to help prevent the ganglion from coming back. Aspiration takes about 5 minutes to perform and can be done in clinic. No anaesthetic is required. The patient is able to go home straight after the procedure. A sticking plaster is placed over the small hole after the aspiration and this can be removed 6 hours after the ganglion removal Essex procedure. The benefits of aspiration are that it is a quick and easy means of ganglion removal Essex, with little downtime afterwards. However, the ganglion is more likely to come back, as the fluid sac is drained, but not removed.

What Happens During Ganglion Removal Essex Surgery?

Ganglion removal surgery Essex involves Mr Sierakowski making a small cut in the skin over the ganglion. He will then use special instruments to carefully remove the ganglion, without damaging the delicate structures which surround it. Depending on the size and location of the ganglion, ganglion removal Essex surgery can be performed under either general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic. The procedure needs to be performed in an operating theatre, but patients are allowed to go home the same day. Because the sac containing the fluid is removed, the ganglion is much less likely to come back than it is after aspiration.

What To Expect After Ganglion Removal Essex Surgery

After he has removed the ganglion, Mr Sierakowski will close the wound using dissolving stitches and dress it with a bandage. You will be required to wear a sling for a few days, to keep your hand elevated and help reduce any discomfort and swelling. To help you with any discomfort after the surgery, you will be given painkillers to go home with. If you have had a ganglion removed from your wrist, it is normal to feel sore and stiff afterwards and a hand therapist will give you exercises to help you restore your strength.

Are There Any Potential Risks From Ganglion Removal Essex?

Ganglion removal surgery Essex is generally a safe and successful procedure. There is a risk of the ganglion coming back after either aspiration or surgery, but the risk is much less with surgery. Surgery has a longer downtime than aspiration and it may be a few weeks before you can return to a manual job. Some people can experience stiffness, pain or weakness after ganglion removal Essex surgery, and this may take weeks to recover. As with any hand surgery, there is a small risk of infection, bleeding problems and nerve injury or irritation.

Ganglion Removal Essex

Mr Sierakowski performs ganglion removal Essex across a number of hospitals in Essex, including Springfield Hospital in Chelmsford and Wellesley Hospital in Southend. Get in touch for more information about ganglion removal as well as any other plastic surgery Essex procedures offered, from breast enlargement Essex to non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers Essex.

Mucous Cyst Excision Essex

A mucous cyst is effectively a small ganglion which arises from the distal joint of a finger or thumb, often secondary to “wear and tear”. It presents as a small, pearly, swelling under the skin at the base of the fingernail and is sometimes associated with ridging of the fingernail. This is caused by the mucous cyst pressing on the area where the fingernail grows from.

Surgery is performed under local anaesthetic (numbing the finger) and involves cutting out the mucous cyst, often with a small piece of overlying skin. To close the gap in the skin, the skin on the back of the finger may need to be advanced by another incision, a procedure called a “local flap”.